Painting Life


Painting Life is a 2018 Indian English film written and directed by Bijukumar Damodaran commonly known as Dr. Biju. The film jointly produced by Silicon Media and BlueOcean Pictures depicts the experience of a film crew which gets stranded in a remote Himalayan village.
The crew led by a hit Bollywood filmmaker arrives there to shoot a song and dance sequence for their upcoming blockbuster. Soon they find themselves cut off from the outside world after torrential downpours and landslides. They are trapped with no basic amenities or means of communication and are totally at the mercy of the forces of nature.

The team, having been accustomed only to the breakneck pace and luxury of urban life, struggles to cope with the total isolation and the rough conditions. They are forced to interface closely with nature and the local folk and experience life at a much gentler pace. They also get exposed to the challenges faced by the local people.

For the director, who has been highly successful commercially, cinema is mainly an entertainment business with no connect to the real world or social issues. He saw the valley as merely a picturesque locale for his shoot. Through a series of intense and unforgettable experiences, he begins to see the reality beyond. His eyes open to the travails of the breathtakingly beautiful land and its beleaguered residents. How those eventful days under siege, affect the thoughts and priorities of the filmmaker, both on the personal and filmmaking fronts, forms the central theme of the film.


Dr. Biju - Director

Dr. Biju ( Director)

M.J Radhakrishnan ( DOP)

Prakash Bare (Actor)

Geetanjali Thapa (Actress)

Sankar Ramakrishnan

Ritabhari Chakraborty

Meera Vasudev

Mark Chan (Music Composer)